5 Things to Know About the New Panerai Replica

Cheap Panerai Replica in this year’s SIHH watch salon technology is the most shocking watch is easy to Panerai Luminor “Lo Scienziato” Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Titanio, which is a limited edition, combined with ultra-light titanium shell, skull Movement, GMT complications and unconventional tourbillon. This is what you need to know about Lo Scienziato.

1.It is inspired by one of the great Tuscan geniuses in history.

Panerai is currently headquartered in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, dates back to Florence, the Italian Tuscan region, and was founded in 1860 as a watchmaker’s school. Panerai Replica Watches in 2010 developed a series of Roscotto Ross hollow tourbillon watch series to commemorate the Tuscan birth of the Renaissance Galileo, now known as the father of modern science. Galileo’s many achievements in physics, astronomy, mathematics and engineering, and the application of time measurement to genius, the design of a system that uses Jupiter to calculate the sea longitude as a celestial body, and the basic work of isochronism. The first Lo Scienziato watch has a diameter of 48 mm, with a black ceramic Radiomir case.

2. The use of special laser technology to produce watch thin titanium alloy shell.

The new Lo Scienziato case measures a diameter of 47 mm, made of titanium, which is not only highly resistant to corrosion and hypoallergenic, but also 40% lighter than steel. In the case of production, Panerai Replica uses innovative technology to make it lighter, in the internal cavitation, the formation of complex geometric cavity, and will not affect the material firmness, tension or water resistance. This process, known as direct metal laser sintering, builds 3D objects from the titanium powder layer by fiber laser. Each layer has a thickness of 0.02 mm and gradually merges into a complete solid and forms a uniform surface appearance.

3.Skeletal movement is also designed for maximum weight.

Panerai in Lo Scienziato uses its skeleton version of the internal production of the P.2005 movement. Changed its name to Caliber P.2005 / T, it has a titanium plate and a bridge, like this. Thus, the density of these parts is about half that of brass, while the traditional materials are used to make their traditional materials, resulting in a lighter than the previous Caliber P.2005 / S movement of 35% Cheap Panerai Replica Lo Scienziato series works. To further increase the overall overall brightness is the lack of traditional dial: usually appear on the dial all the elements are directly attached to the front of the movement or the shell of the internal flange, such as hours, 9 o’clock small seconds, The second and day and night instructions of the clock.

4.It has a long power reserve – is an unusual way to display.

P.2005 / T is equipped with 6-day power reserve and is realized by using three spring cylinders connected in series. The arc pointer type power reserve indicator is located on the back of the movement and visible through the sapphire bottom cover. Better for the watchmaker, the Panerai Replica Watches skeleton of the movement allows the wearer to see the winding and unwinding of the springs in each bucket, as well as the interlocking movement of the wheels and the rotation of the tourbillon cage.

5.The patented tourbillon movement has some non-traditional characteristics.

Panerai has patented the Tourbillon system at Lo Scienziato, which aims to more accurately compensate for the impact of gravity on the escapement, resulting in higher accuracy. It is achieved by rotating the cage in a vertical rather than parallel to the axis. The Panerai Replica cage also completes a rotation every 30 seconds, not the same as the traditional Tourbillon once every minute.

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Deep Blue Seafarers: Introducing Panerai Replica New Blue Dials

If you are faithful to Paneristi, they have been patiently waiting for your favorite brand to enter the blue watch, which is one of the most popular styles in the watch world in recent years – your waiting is coming to an end. Cheap Panerai Replica has launched four new versions of the existing models, each with a blue dial, eye-catching satin soles, inspired by the sun’s rays, all limited to Panerai boutique.

Four blue dial Panerais are two Luminor models of extension lines – Luminor 1950 3 days GMT Auto Acciaio and Luminor 1950 10 days GMT Auto Acciaio and two Radiomir models, Radimoir 1940 3 days Acciaio and Radiomir 1940 10 days GMT Auto All the Panerai Replica Watches are made in the blue cherry wood box, which also contains a second rubber strap, for a tool and a screwdriver.
The 42mm diameter housing is made of 316L polished stainless steel and comes with the Panerai patented protective faucet to help ensure that the watch is waterproofing up to 100 meters. The interior is the automatic caliber of the Panerai Replica, which displays at 9 o’clock hours, minutes, small seconds, 3 o’clock, GMT center arrow pointer GMT function, motion back one day power reserve, Through a clear sapphire bottom cover visible.

Panerai Luminor 1950 Bluetooth dial version 10 days GMT Auto Acciaio-44mm- is also equipped with a dial-matched, stitched blue leather strap – offers larger shell size, longer power storage with dial-side indicator and travel Friendly AM / PM display. Its 44mm corrosion-resistant steel housing contains another interior of the Panerai movement, Caliber P.2003, which stores at least 10 days of winding autonomy in three spring buckets. The satin blue dial is formed in Panerai Replica Watches UK style, with two superimposed disks and a layer of Ecru’s super-LumiNova illuminated by a large template-sized Arabic numerals on the top of the disk. The date window at 3 o’clock, the linear power reserve is displayed at 6 o’clock, the AM / PM indicator and the 9 second position share the small second hand. On the 3rd day, the center of the arrow indicates the second time zone of the 12 hour scale, and the crown is fixed by the bridge crown.

Leica Radimoir 1940 3 days Acciaio – 47mm is the only one that does not have a monochrome blue dial / blue strap appearance, rather than an untreated leather Assolutamente strap with contrast stitching and a hot Panerai “OP” logo. 47mm polished steel case for the 1930s and 1940s Cheap Replica Watches. The sparkling sandwich style sky blue dial has a large Arabic numerals, 9 o’clock small seconds, plated with Ecru Super-LumiNova gold-plated hand. For this retro-style timer power supply is the Panerai manual wind P.3000 movement, visible through the sapphire bottom cover, and provides two spring buckets for three days of power reserve. The movement of the large balance wheel is fixed by the double support bridge; it is also equipped with a device that can quickly adjust the hour hand backwards or forward without disturbing the minute hand so that the wearer can quickly change the time zone.

The latest blue dial model, Panerai Radiomir 1940 10 days GMT automatic Oro Rosso, is the only case of precious metals. The 45mm polished case for the watch’s 5NPt rose gold is a highly copper alloy that gives warm reddish tones and helps prevent oxidation of platinum. The watch contains Caliber P.2003 / 10, Cheap Panerai Replica first hollow internal movement, with automatic winding function, the frequency of 28,800 vph, 25 jewelry, and three spring barrels, can accumulate 10 days of power reserve. It controls the function of the center time and minutes; the 9 o’clock small second hand, and the AM / PM indicator; the date at 3 o’clock the central GMT hand indicates the second time zone; and the 6 o’clock linear power reserve indicator. The sapphire window on the back of the shell can see the movement, its hollowed out of the bridge and barrel, the two-way winding rotor with “Officine Panerai” cut along its outer edge.

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